The 4 best places to go for a Travel

Best Place for travelling

Who does not like to travel or to visit? We all want to travel around. But if it is with loved ones or with family or friends, then it does not matter.

At times, many people do not go this way because of busyness. But if you get some time in the middle of the busy, why miss? Get out with loved ones or family or friends, do not miss the travel.

But where do you go? In this content, we are referring to the top 4 places to visit, where you can relax with your family.

Let’s take a look at these four places or places to make your trip or trip more fun and exciting.

The four best places to go for a walk or a tour

Best Place for travelling
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Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar, one of the most popular and amazing places in Bangladesh, gets the name of the place where you first go. Maybe or many have gone around two or three times or more so far. Many people may or may not have gone now or could not take the time to go.

In the summer season, Cox is an excellent place. Where you can spend your time, in addition to this you can bring a lot of experience and collect Cox’s Bazar inside the place available lovely Sant Martine island from which you can visit in two go.

However, it is good to be a little careful not to go to the places where people are walking or walking in such away.

Sajek Valley:

Congratulations and welcome to the Kingdom of the Clouds. The Sajek Valley is about 1800 feet above sea level. Charming eyes are the environment of the puzzle.

The weather here changes a lot with the twinkling of an eye. Now maybe wondering how the weather turns again in the blink of an eye? Opening up soon, you may have seen the sunshine now, and then it later changed to rain.

One of the unique features of the Sajek Valley is that when you go there, you will feel like you are swimming in the cloud because it is so over the top that it doesn’t seem unusual. From the Mountains to the sea, there are available beautiful lakes.

Sajek is located in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati district.


The beauty of Bandarban cannot be exceeded. If you go, you will understand why I said this, in my opinion, the slave is the queen of beauty. There are beautiful lakes and rivers, like lakes and rivers.

Some of the best-known places in Bandarban are Meghalaya, Nilgiri, Shoile Prophet, Nilachol if you want you can come with family or friend circle.


Sitakunda is a place where you can taste many places, but not one place. There are mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes and many other areas.

There is also a hotel-motel for tourists. There are some beautiful places to visit in Sitakunda that you can wander around with family. Chandranath Hill, a magnificent hill. Guliakhali Sea-Beach, an extraordinary sea-beach.

It can be a great place to visit the sea, beach Sitakunda Eco Park, picnic or tours here, Secured is a place. You will find many more beautiful mountains, including the Napitichara fountain and the Khiaichara fountain.

I hope you like the place. If you want, you can quickly turn around any of these four places at any time.