How to Improve Gaming Performance on a Laptop.

Improve Gaming perfomance
Improve Gaming perfomance

Playing games is more or less our choice for people of all ages. And whatever the type of device, be it a laptop or a small Android phone. And today, we will talk about the gaming speed of your laptop. How to Improve Gaming Performance on a Laptop. So let’s get started.

How to Improve Gaming Performance on a Laptop:

We will show you the essential tips today, that will help you improve gaming performance and we will not write anything here where we will tell you to change your PC or ask you to install something new hardware. So let’s start with the tips.

1. Updates Your Drive

A lot of times we forget it for whatever reason. We need to update our drives, which will further enhance your gaming performance, especially if you need to install your laptop GPU.

2. Install Latest version DirectX

Although the hardware of your laptop is an excellent performance, but some reason, you are not getting excellent performance on your laptop. So that could be any reason. So you have DirectX Install on your laptop, which will help you to increase the performance at least a little bit.

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3. Optimize Power Settings.

If you want to get a little better gaming performance, then go to your Windows settings, go to Power settings, then full your power. Although it will charge your laptop battery a little more, you will get better speed performance of your laptop.

4. Close Background Apps.

Close the apps in your background the moment you play games. Because many applications are running in the background, they use Ram. Due to which many times your laptop slows down while playing games.

So you close all the applications, and then you play the games.

5. Check Internet Speed

Improve Gaming Perfomance

Check your net speed while playing online games because the most significant thing that can be your biggest enemy when playing online games is Internet speed. So before playing games, you have to check your Internet Speed. Good gaming speed will give you good feedback in performance.

6. Properly Clean Your Laptop

Many times due to the carelessness of your laptop, a lot of dust accumulates in the hardware, which continuously reduces the performance of your laptop. And as a result, they do not get an excellent gaming performance.

So keep the laptop clean at all times. Do not allow dust or dirt to accumulate on the hardware. And stay open space so that air can circulate on the hardware. If possible, Install a cooling fan.

7. Disable Windows Updates.

Updating Windows is a tedious task for many, which is continuously updated with system updates, software updates, and many more updates. And if you are playing games, it suddenly starts updating and resets your laptop, and then there is another danger.

Windows Update also remains a place that can interfere with your gaming performance. So you keep Windows Update disabled.

Hopefully, the above seven tips and tricks will help you a lot to Improve gaming performance on a laptop. If you like it, stay with us. Thanks.