How to Make WiFi Faster || Tips and Tricks

make to make wifi faster
make to make wifi faster

Many of us use WiFi all the time and notice for a while that our WiFi is slower than before. Or WiFi works slower than the previous time we used. And we all face this problem more or less. When we do speed test WiFi on the Speed Meter. Then we see that the WiFi is not working as before the best speed.

So in today’s article, we will basically tell you How to Make WiFi Faster. And we share you tips and tricks on how to find out this problem and share with you these solutions.

How to Make WiFi Faster

So in this article, we will highlight some of the reasons that slow down your WiFi. So let’s start.

1. Wrong Position of WiFi

So first, we start with the positioning of WiFi. Many of us put the WiFi router in the wrong place, for example, in a corner. Or set it in a position where WiFi can’t cover you well.

So try to keep the WiFi router as high as possible from the ground. The WiFi router will give you good coverage. So you should try to keep your WiFi router above along the middle of your house. It will get such a good position. And the network will get better.

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2. Keep it Away from The Electronic Device.

Try to keep your WiFi router as far away from any electronic device as possible. This is because it can speed up your router. And you may face problems. So keep as much space as possible in the middle of the house. So no matter where you are in the house. You can run the net at full speed.

3. Setup the WiFi Router Speed in a Custom Way.


It happens that everyone in your home uses your WiFi. But they don’t need that much internet speed at all. They may use WiFi to manage WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook. So if you want, you can go to the wireless settings of your router and setup the WiFi speed in a custom way.

Reduce the speed of their phone and keep the speed of your phone and laptop as it is. This will Make WiFi Faster of your phone and laptop than before.

4. WiFi Speed ​​Meter

Test Internet Speed by connecting the cable directly from your computer to the router. Because many times your WiFi providers intentionally reduce your WiFi speed. So before you connect the cable, check Speed ​​Meter whether the speed is low or not.

5. Change Your WiFi Router

The last thing I will say. Change your router. Because many times due to the weakness of your router, you do not get the desired WiFi speed. So change your router if you think your WiFi speed is not even after following some of these steps. Buy a good brand WiFi router. It looks like the right coverage area.

We hope you find this tutorial useful. And it will help you a lot to Make WiFi Faster. Connect to us, Share this content with your friends. Thanks.