How to stay Healthy

How to stay Healthy

Stay Healthy! Tell us who doesn’t want to be healthy? Sick life we ​​don’t like. And when we don’t want to get sick, we often have to get sick. So to stay healthy, we have to move between rules.

Besides, it is very much like finding water in a healthy and dying land. So if you want to stay healthy, you must change yourself a little from now on. At present we see a lot of things around us, and I know a lot of things. But do we know everything?

Is everything seen in our own eyes? There are so many things we need to know about these things for our unseen, unknown, healthy, beautiful lives. One should be health conscious. And to see health, we must know all these things.

How to stay helthy
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There is no replacement for staying healthy. Let’s go over some things to become health understanding.

Many of us give a hand in the mouth while coughing cough. But there are very few men who know how many germs of bacteria turn around in our hands because of these fools. But we realize how damaging they are when we get sick. Therefore, after a coughing cough, the hutch must be cleaned and washed.

Wash our hands after coming from the toilet

Many of us do not wash our hands after coming from the toilet. Which is a bad habit? Many clean but do not do it well. Every year millions of people suffer from various diseases for this disease, ignorance, diarrhea is the most common disease. Many dies and die. So we must be careful to avoid these things,

Exit the toilet with soap and rub at least 20 seconds to 30 seconds. All fingers should be massaged in all ways. Otherwise, the hands are not well cleaned. Due to which a lot of bacteria rotate with our hands. And that is one of the most important things that is responsible for food.

Food is one of the essential elements of our life. But do we know that food is useful for our lives, but many times it is death, and it is for us? Do you know what kind of dance we are suffering from this new disease? Of course not to blame! We are responsible for our illness.

The main task, of course, is to wash hands thoroughly before and after serving, before and after cooking. But if we look at this area, we can see that more than 70% of us do not do this. That is the main reason. So we have to learn to change ourselves. Cooked food cannot be kept openly. It has to be covered with caution.

Flies cannot be allowed to sit mosquitoes. It has many diseases and turns around it. If we take a little more care by doing the above, then we can reduce these diseases and at least get free of them.