4 Ways Recovery Unsaved MS Word Documents

four ways to recover unsave ms word file

For those who do official work, or write an article, or in any note field, our most familiar face is Ms-Word, where all kinds of options, tools, are enough to create a fantastic document.

Many times when we work on a computer, the computer may crash, or suddenly the power goes out, but your computer is shut down due to lack of IPS, or because of any mistake, your unsaved document is deleted. Now How to Recover this Deleted or Unsaved MS Word Documents. Here’s our today’s article. Let’s see How to Recover Unsaved MS Word Documents.

Method # 1. Recover Unsaved Word Document from Temporary Files

  • First, open the MS-word
  • Then click on Info from Files.
    unsave documents
  • Then click on the Recover Unsaved Documents option.
  • You will then have a new pop-up in your window where your UnSaved File will be found.

Method # 2. Search for AutoRecover Files.

  • First, open the MS-Word, and then from the “File,”
  • Click on “Options.” Then click on “Save” from “Option.”
    4 Ways Recovery Unsaved MS Word Documents 1ms word documents
  • Then you set a time here and click OK.

Now, at the time that your File is set to autosave.

Method # 3. Recover Unsaved Ms-Word Files with Document Recovery.

If your computer suddenly shut down or crashed without any reason. Then there is no reason to worry. After the computer is open, you will open the Ms-Word again.

A menu of available files will appear on the left side, showing your unSaved documents. Double-clicking there will open your File.

Method # 4. Get Your Deleted Ms-Word Documents from Recycle Bin.

If you ever get wrong, your Ms word file gets deleted. For example, Shift + Deleted click and delete. In that case, you will find your Ms-Word document in the Recycle Bin on your computer.

  • Double click there, and you will get the deleted Ms-Word file.

Hopefully, you can recover your deleted File from any of the four methods here.