Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking water

We all know that clean and safe water is essential to stay healthy, we know that there is another name for water, but in my opinion, another name for clean water should be life. This water causes the disease and causes us to die.

Therefore, the other name of the water disappears, takes the form of the latter. We should be more careful about water because water is life and water is death.

How safe is the water we use in our home, how healthy is it for us?

Have you thought about it once and well? By observing these features, people suffer from disease diarrhea every year at the rate of 1 crore, of which most people die. Along with typhoid, cholera is a more dangerous disease.

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So the waterside that we notice is always clean for water or purity. For example, suppose you drink water, or use a water purifying tablet to purify the water, but use it as directed.

For cooking, use clean water to wash your face. Use a good band’s water filter to purify the water. Always remember to collect water on a fresh foot.

And when collecting water on the water, no fingers need to be taken inside the foot of the water, should be taken care of. If you take care of the above things, you will not be entirely covered by these diseases, but you can get them in some parts.

And you will be away from these diseases a little, easily.