What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research? How do I apply keywords?

Keyword research is an essential task; the main task of SEO is keyword research. Whether it’s ranking mainly in Internal SEO or OnPage SEO, the content you write on it depends entirely on whether it is ranking or not.

If you look closely, you can see that people who are primarily in the Google search list between 1 and 5 search lists have used keywords in their content correctly. That is, the main of OnPage SEO is keyword research. That why it is so important. So if you master keyword research well, then no one can stop you from ranking your content.

One thing to keep in mind when researching keywords is that you will save a primary keyword, with 3 to 5 sub keywords.

What is Keyword Research?

What is a Primary Keyword?

The primary keyword is the one that contains your target keyword. Moreover, whatever the search volume of the keyword (the search volume is best to have a minimum of 10000), but its compatibility is low, so it is easy to get ranking. And you write your content depending on the keywords. And according to the size of the content, use its ratio or density.

What is a sub keyword?

The sub keyword is your primary keyword plus those related keywords, but they will have a competition medium. Search volume and content will be satisfied. The critical thing to keep in mind during keyword research is always to try to choose long keywords because long keywords have low compatibility and are easy to rank.

What amounts do I use in primary keywords and sub keywords content?

An example of this is to make it simple: suppose you have written a content that is three words. You will now use your primary keyword a maximum of 3 to 5 times in this content. No more than that And if there is one word, then your content is five times maximum. And use sub-keywords in the middle of the content. Every 3 to 2 times. Use it this way. Please don’t use it too much. It will reverse the beat.

And the primary keyword is your title, Must use meta descriptions and permalink. Most importantly, your content cannot be copied from anywhere. In this Google, the algorithm will not rank you in life. So try to write from yourself.

Keyword Research
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If you need time to write content, spend twice as much time on keyword research. Then uniquely write the content from your own idea. And apply your keywords in such a way that your audience will not understand those who come to read your content.

Give an example: Have you noticed or understood the content that you have read here? What keyword did I use here? I put my primary keyword in this content is “keyword research.” And I used that content correctly. But you didn’t understand it once.

That’s how you use your content. So that the reader will not understand your use of keywords, and do not bother falling as a result of overuse.