Why are Your Phone slow? What You Do Now?

Why are Your Phone slow? What You Do Now?

When we buy a new mobile, it’s a lot of speed, and we care about that phone a lot. But after a while, we do not care about this phone as before. There is one kind of indifference, and we don’t see what good is terrible anymore.

We install apps as we want, which results in the operating system becoming weaker, nor do we see which App is better or worse. Due to which the mobile is becoming slow day by day.

Why are your phone slow? And I’ll talk about the solution. Let’s see.

1. Restart your mobile:

Usually, if we give a restart if a phone problem occurs, this is fine most time. But if your phone does not work on Restart, then you need to restart it in a particular way.

First, turn off your phone, then unplug the battery, after a while, add the battery and open the mobile again.

2. Update your mobile:

After a few days, phone updates come, which we must do all the time. This makes the operating system of mobiles much more reliable, and security is increased. And how to manage the battery, the charge will last a long time.

3. Free up space on your phone:

At least 15% of our phone needs to be left blank. But we use apps that fill our phone space. And the phone slows down a lot.

Do whatever you can to get rid of it. First of all, there are pictures on your phone, for example, all the images you took around the place, you can place them on all Google drives, including video audio, or your computer. This will leave a lot of space and phone speed.

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4. Uninstall unwanted apps:

Many times when buying a new mobile, you will find that there are many apps installed by default Already. Also, uninstall any unnecessary apps that you do not use. And uninstall any apps that keep more space.

5. Use Light Version Apps:

Try using Lite version apps. Which protects your phone space. Nowadays, most social sites have put the Lite version of the App on the Play Store. You can use them if you want your phone speed and keep the battery charged.

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6. Turn off notifications:

If a piece of information arrives on your phone, it swims on the screen of your phone, causing them to waste most of your phone, slowing down the phone slightly. So keep the unnecessary notifications off. You will find options in Settings.

7. Clean up Cache Data:

Browsing and turning off various applications regularly increases the Cache Data on the phone, which fills the space of the phone and slows down the phone.

So delete the Cache Data.

From Settings > go to Storage > then there is the > Cache Data option, click there and delete it.

8. Turn off Bluetooth:

Turn off Bluetooth if you do not need it. Because it wastes your phone’s battery charge.

9. Stop Auto Background Process:

Auto background processes reduce the speed of the phone and waste the charge. So what you can do to stop it.

If you are an iPhone user, then this is what you will do. From Settings > go to Cellular and then find the > Cellular Data Option.

If you are an old iPhone user, turn off the Background App refresh from Settings. You can turn off automatic downloads if desired. You can turn off Music, Apps, Updates from the Download option.

For Android users. Uncheck Auto Sync Data mode between Settings and Data Usages.

10. Replace the battery:

If your battery is too old, replace it. Because the battery is wasted as it becomes old. As a result, when the phone is switched off. Even if your phone has a 100% charge, it still closes.

So it’s good to replace the phone’s battery.

11. Restore To Factory Settings:

This is the best step, but also the warning step. The best way to select this option is when your back is pushed to the wall.

Doing so will delete all the apps, data, pictures, videos, and videos on your phone. So before doing this, you must back up all the data on the drive or laptop then do it.

If you are an iPhone User, You will go to Settings > General and then > Reset. Then click on the ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS option. It will ask for your password, enter your password and then it will open in a new way. Deleting all the data will return to the previous default option.

What to do on the Android phone.? From the Settings,> click on Backup And Reset >, then click on Factory Data Reset. Then your phone will be restarted, and the Restart will open.

I hope this solves your phone slow problem. If you like our article, of course, stay with us.